Global Missions

We help support over 30 mission works around the world. As we strive to remain faithful in support of them by prayer and finances, God never fails in His faithfulness and blessings to us! Below is a full list of missions that we are privileged to have a part in supporting.

1. Fellowship Baptist Broadcast – WECO
2. Fellowship Baptist Christian Home School Academy
3. Brother Billy Mitchell – Evangelist, Jamestown, TN
4. Brother Dick Frost (Former Missions Pilot)
5. Mrs. Sharon Garrett (Bro. Bob’s widow)
6. Gospel Hour Radio Broadcast (Dr. Oliver B. Greene)
7. Brother Bill and Ms. Lois McClure (American Military)
8. Brother Larry, Ms. Jean and Clay Skipper (Prisons)
9. Christian Law Association (Bro. David Gibbs II & III)
10. Brother Nick and Sarah Sorrell (Sri Lanka)
11. Bro. Lance and Mrs. Elyne Neal (Prisons – South Carolina)
12. Bro. Jeff Krontz and family (Fair Haven Men’s Home, St. Stephen, SC)
13. Bro. Phillip Willis and family (Fair Haven Men’s Home)
14. Bro. Nevin Neal and family (Idaho)
15. Bro. Mike and Mrs. Debbie Bagwell (Evangelis – USA)
16. Brother Dean and Ms. Karen Hamby (Associate Director Macedonia World Baptist Missions)
17. Brother Thurman and Ms. Vindetta Wade (Director Macedonia World Baptist Missions)
18. Brother Danny and Ms. Darlene Whetstone (Director New Testament Baptist Missions)
19. Macedonia Mission Board
20. Maranatha Mission Board
21. BIMI Mission Board
22. Brother Carl and Ms. Shirley Braswell (Latin American Outreach and Macedonia Printing Ministry)
23. Brother Allen Johnson and Dema, Brittany, Nathan (Wings Bearing Precious Seed)
24. Macedonia Printing Ministry
25. Brother Keith Culler and family (Taiwan)
26. Brother Wes and Ms. Hutchens (Jamaica)
27. Brother Robert and Ms. Cathy Smith (Brazil)
28. Bro. John Beck and family (Spain)
29. Bro. Guanue Gbendah and family (Liberia)
30. Bro. Phil Hyland and family (Australia)
31. Bro. Julio and Mrs. Andrea Valesquez (Spain)
32. Bro. Jeremy & Rebekah Hall and family (Peru)
33. Bro. NoNo and family (Philippines)
34. Bro. John Cruz and family (Philippines)
35. Jeremiah and Lindsay Cooley (Lichtenstein)
36. Bro. Kevin, Mrs. Anne, Noah and Nathan Ruwersma (United Kingdom)