Our Pastor

Brother Bret Pallotta, his wife Mrs. Tammy and daughter Emily came to the Fellowship Baptist Church in 2001. Their love for God and devotion to the ministry has made a great impact on our church.

Pastor Pallotta is a Bible preacher with a unique style. His sermons are based on sound Biblical doctrine. He spends much time in Expositional verse by verse preaching and Textual preaching, but occasionally engages in Topical preaching as well. It is his conviction that God demands His preachers preach the whole counsel of God. He bases his ministry on Ephesians 4.15: “But speaking the truth in love, (the church) may grow up into him (Christ) in all things, which is the head, even Christ:”. Pastor Pallotta is dogmatic about the fact that there is a scriptural balance of preaching the truth in love. His wife, Mrs. Tammy, is a godly lady who is a great example for the ladies and girls of our church.